Powder Coating, Shot Blasting
and Wet Spraying specialist

Our specialist finishing equipment can accommodate volume as well as size, no job is too big or too small. We work with our customers to ensure all specifications are precise and our delivery dates are guaranteed. We offer a service that our customers can depend on.



Add a durable yet attractive finish to virtually
any metal

Wet Spraying

Ideal for items which cannot tolerate the high temperatures involved in powder coating


Thoroughly prepare your surface for the perfect finish

Metal Finishing

Protect against corrosion and oxidation, and add colour to your metal surface

UPVC Painting

Breathe new life into your windows and doors with our in-house UPVC painting service


Give your surface a new texture with our flocking process

Vapour blasting

Removes surface dirt such as oil or grime from metal components

Ultra Sound Cleaning

Removes contamination and dirt, such as grease, grime and oil in all the hard to reach areas



Castle Coatings can supply both powder and wet coatings to the aerospace industry. With experience ranging from small electrical components, to cabin interiors, to exterior surfaces, you can trust Castle Coatings to provide a suitable solution. If required, we also offer shot blasting service to ensure that the surface is thoroughly prepared before the coating is applied.

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Castle Coatings offer a comprehensive powder and wet coating service for both internal and external car and motorbike components. We also provide a shot blasting service to remove residues such as paint or rust prior to coating.

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Castle Coatings service both the private and public sector with a wide range of powder or wet coating finishes for an endless list of purposes. Whether you require a small cycle stand or a complete play area, we have the solution. To thoroughly prepare the surface we also offer an optional shot blasting service.

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Castle Coatings has a coating for every purpose and surface. Regardless of the size or complexity of your job, we will provide a suitable, cost effective solution with a quick turnaround.

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Local Authority

Castle Coatings provides a comprehensive range of wet and powder coating services to local authorities. We provide a cost effective, durable solution to every coating requirement with a quick turnaround.

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