What is Flocking?

Flocking is the process of depositing small fibres onto a surface in order to provide the surface with a different texture. Flock consists of synthetic fibres that look like tiny hairs. Flock print feels somewhat velvet and a bit elevated. The length of the fibres can vary in thickness which co-determines the appearance of the flocked product. Thin fibres produce a soft velvety surface, thicker fibres a more bristle-like surface.

In the Automotive industry flocking is commonly used on rally car dash boards in order to reduce glare but can also be used on steering wheels, gear sticks, sun visors and door panels.

As the only flocking service in South Wales we are dedicated to bringing you a professional finish on your items. We specialise in car interiors, including dashboards, sun visors and door panels. Also, we offer both commercial and private services, so whether it’s a one-off bespoke piece or a longer run of standardised items, we can meet your needs.

When it comes to automotive flocking, here at Castle Coatings we understand that no two jobs are the same, so whether you want your whole dashboard flocked or just a few key components to achieve the perfect finish for your car then we can help. Our price list reflects the bespoke nature of our work and is used as rough guide. Prices are flexible and may vary according to the requirements of the customer.

Price List

Dashboards from £50.00 – £170.00
Flocking to Doorcards from £20.00
Parcel shelves from £10.00
ABC Pillars from £10.00
Door Runners from £10.00
Speaker covers from £10.00
Custom Pods from £10.00
Gear surrounds from £15.00
Centre Consoles from £15.00
Glove Boxes from £10.00
Sun Visors from £10.00
Interior Mirrors  from £10.00
Steering Wheels  from £25.00
Door Handles from £5.00